How Do Websites Use Cookie Technology - Why All The Huff About The Cookie?

Why All The Huff About The Cookie?

You might be wondering why there has been so much uproar with the media about cookie technology and privacy on the Internet. We have shown that a cookie is a benign text file, and that they provide lots of useful capabilities on the Web.

There are two main things that have caused concern about the cookie:

  • The first has to do with online companies selling your information to other interested parties who want to sell you something. With cookie technology, a website can track not only your purchases, but also the pages that you read, the ads that you click on, the pictures you view, etc. If you purchase an item and enter your name and address, the site potentially knows more about you than a traditional mail order company would. This makes Target Marketing much more precise, and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

    Different sites have different policies and most well-known online stores have a strict privacy policy and do not sell or share any personal information about their visitors with any third party, except in cases where the visitor tells the site to do so.